Trend Direction and Force Index

Perhaps one of the biggest problems trend traders face is timing their entries and exits around consolidation periods. These Periods also tend to have lower than average volume . For any market where volume is unknown (eg forex) TDFI can act as a substitute. Volatility and Volume go hand in hand.

What if there was an indicator that could calculate the "force" of movement and keep you out of these flat, sideways markets?

I have taken the TDFI and added more parameters and features to help you find the optimal settings for your Algorithmic Trading System.

Speed things up and you get sharper entries - however, you will likely be faked out more often.

Slowed down, it is one of the best "Chop Filters" you will find ... at the expense of optimal entries.

If you tune it right, it will ELIMINATE many false signals from your entry confirmation indicators


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