This is the first of the GM ELITE indicator range. Designed for Algorithmic Traders looking to speed up their process of testing and optimizing their algorithm. This script contains an entire suite of indicators, that work together in unison to find optimal trade entries, based on NNFX rules. There are two versions of this script. One is a strategy and built in back-tester, and the other will update in real time designed for live trading and forward testing.


The System has 5 indicator slots, and the user can choose one indicator per slot

  • Trend Confirmation Indicators signal entry and direction
  • Volume and volatility Indicators to determine the strength of the trend or whether tha market is ranging.
  • Moving Averages for trend bias
  • Exit Indicators to signal when to get out!

Money Management

Dynamic allows you to choose your Stop Loss and Take Profit distance based on a multiplier x ATR.
Options to exit the whole trade at TP or at a signal from the exit indicator of your choosing.
Start and End times (Window) to backtest. Note this is not a trading bot. It is designed for you, the user, to tune and backtest and design a system that will signal trade entries 

Forex - $EVZ

Euro Volatility FX Vix ( aka $EVZ) is built in. You can toggle a filter for low $EVZ or whether or not EVZ is above average. No signals will be given if EVZ is below threshold. EVZ is one of the best indicators of overall forex market volume and volatility .


Several visual and color customization options. Thousands of possible parameter combinations.

The "bias" or mode of the Confirmation Indicators appears at the top and bottom of the screen as horizontal rows of triangles.
For any two-line Indicator (eg MACD ) if the fast line is above the slow line, the triangles are green, other-wise, they are red.